Nine laps from being done

Ok, the nerves are starting to kick in. I'm going to go put in a lap or two this afternoon to get the full course in so I know where I'm going. Yesterday's attempted preview missed one section of the course. After that I'm going to try to find out how many riders are registered. I look for a few, but I was expecting a half dozen at Deer Valley, so I don't know who'll show up.

The race starts at 7 AM Pacific time. Be sure to send fast thoughts my way in the morning.

Just to start some forward thinking, this race tomorrow marks a peak for the season for me. I'm taking two weeks off (3 hours a week or less with smaller number of intensity workouts). After the two weeks off I'll hop back into the racing mode in August at Brian Head. Brian Head is just a training race and to tie up the national series title. The next big race I have planned is the New Mexico State Championship in Las Cruces the end of August. After that, racing's up for grabs for the rest of the year. I'll probably do the Road Apple in Farmington if I have a jersey to pick up. I'm also thinking about the Dust Devil series in AZ especially since they have a Marathon category. I'll already be in transition for next year, so those are going to be low priority races just for base miles.