Racing is the best medicine?

Every morning, I track my weight, body fat percentage, and resting heart rate. I didn't take my scale with me the last two weeks, so I hadn't been keeping those numbers.

This morning was the first time to take them again. I gained a pound and a half the last two weeks, but my body fat dropped by nearly 2% (or relatively by 18%) and my resting heart rate dropped from the mid 50s to the mid 40s!

This is the start of two weeks of rest and recovery. This week is more so than next. Next I'll start to do some low volume intensity workouts, but this week the only thing I'll do is some spinning on the road bike or maybe an easy mountain bike ride or two.

Right now though, I'm off the bike until I get a helmet. Mine disappeared at nationals after the marathon. I'm not sure if I left it sitting somewhere. I know I had it right after the race and I know I took it off when I got into some shade, but more than that I'm not sure.