My legs really do need this time off

Yesterday I felt so gun-hoe about riding I almost went for a ride last night. I decided against it, but wanted to put in an hour or so today of just slow miles. For me, I deem recovery nose breathing. If I can do it and keep my breath slow and steady through my nose, I'm ok. I look at HR as too subjective and my resting heart rate dropped 10 bpm in the last two weeks, so it would be completely off. So, off I went this morning, feeling decent at the start.

45 minutes later, I rolled back into the garage toasted. I didn't go hard. I think my average hr had to be 130 or lower, but I was just toasted. So this two recovery weeks is definitely a good thing.

Dara's had a good metaphor for racing as life. If it wasn't for my stubbornness, I would have packed up my toys and gone home half way through the marathon. Congrats need to go out to Dara too, she was second in the women's pro short track on Sunday.

I can't remember if I've said anything on my site about this, but I've started a weekly featured photo on my photo site. This week's photo is so cool, I wanted to share it here too. I took it from the Dairy Queen parking lot in Ludlow, California on my way back Saturday night. What a site to close the final day of my two weeks of riding, huh?