Pulled the plug on Silver City

Man, I hated to do it, but my chest and head was not up for Signal Peak at Silver City. I hate that too, because that's one of the more fun courses in the NMORS. Oh well, next weekend is the more important race as it's the qualifier for '07 Nationals. Not that qualifying is going to be a big deal, the top 15 finishers in each class get to go, and so far there's been two races without a single 19 - 29 Expert racing. Sad that racings coming to that.

Back to the cold, this feels an awful lot like the cold I picked up January/February. After trying to kick it for a few weeks, I finally went into the doctor and got an allergy shot which took care of it. Given how my chest felt so tight yesterday, I'm wondering if this isn't some borderline asthmatic thing. Anyhow, I've made up my mind. If this isn't gone Monday, I'm getting another shot. It's just not worth fiddling with trying to kick it like I did earlier in the year. Especially when the shot means I feel 100% better in about 48 hours.