On the road again

Man, I can't wait. I've dropped three races this month for various reasons (I really did plan on dropping one), but now I'm ready. I still have a bit of lingering chest congestion, but it's 93.8% better than it was last Saturday.

This weekend is the New Mexico State Championship - aka Horny Toad Hustle. Top 15 in my age slot gets me an automatic entry in to Nationals. I'll be surprised if there's 5 in my category. The cool thing, there's some nice moola involved in this one for the Experts. I could walk away with $75 to $125 which definitely helps with expenses.

I haven't been on a bike since Thursday of last week, so today and tomorrow are either going to be unbelievable because I'm so well rested, or they're going to suck. This morning, I'm leaning toward the unbelievable. I love getting ready to head to a race feeling this good about it. :D