Return to the little people

Contrary to the comments on my site, I'm not dead nor have I given up on blogging because I feel it beneath me. Seriously, female friends and family can be rough! It's just been a busy few weeks.

Got back from the Cruces race and felt bad. The race in the heat and then the 6 hour drive home right after it didn't do me any good. I decided to take it easy for a few days. A few days turned in to a week, turned into nearly two. I haven't been on a bike since Cruces. Then to top things off, this morning I wake up with a bit of a sore throat. Didn't I already do this? Aren't doctor's visits supposed to fix these things?

I went camping last weekend with some friends from work. It was great fun, but more hectic than I like my camping outings to be. I have had every intention of going up to Flagstaff (or somewhere around there) this weekend and camping my style, back in the national forest away from campgrounds and other people. The plan was to setup camp Friday afternoon or Saturday morning, hit Flagstaff Saturday evening for food and a trip to the Observatory, then back to the camp for some relaxation on through Sunday until I broke camp and headed home. If this sore throat doesn't get out of here I'll be spending the weekend camped out at home, in bed with Stupid and Contagious and something to drink.

Oh, in case it isn't obvious, I'm not doing the Red River race this weekend. I'm thinking I'm done for year. I'll probably do the Road Apple then go play at some of the local races later in November, but other than that I'm starting to think of '07 now.