Big changes in the air

I've received a lot of really positive feedback from my last post. Thanks to everybody. Two of the things I said I wanted to be able to do were to work remote full time and live in Flagstaff. One of those has happened and I'm working on the other.

This week I accepted an offer a Mashery, a company that specializes in mashups (see Oren Michels' Introducing Mashery for more about the company). I'm really looking forward to working Paul Jones (of Solar and Savant fame) again and Clay Loveless (of Feedster and soon-to-be Mashery fame). Both are great guys and excellent programmers. This is the second job in a row Paul has been responsible for. My time at Uversa came out of a knowing Josh via Paul's Savant, and this job came directly from Paul. I owe him a beer the next time we're in the same city.

Anyhow, I'll be doing web app development still, but it will be remote. This next week I'm going to spend a few days in Flagstaff trying to find a place to rent. I'm hoping for a house, but will settle for an apartment/condo again assuming I can get one with a garage for all of my bikes. Got to take care of the babies.

But this weekend's all about old friends. I'm heading back out to flyover country to visit with some friends.