A new 24 Hour Worlds champion is crowned

This would have been a race to watch. At least there were cameras there to capture it. The guys at Gripped Films are working on a documentary on 24 hour racing with Eatough this year. So for those of you who haven't read the race report, I'll summarize: The guy who's won the past 6 24 Hour World Championships, Eatough, was taken out on his 7th attempt.

What makes this amazing is the guy who took him out. It's Craig Gordon, the Australian Marathon National Champ. This guy - he's not a professional mountain biker or cyclist for that matter. According to, "...although he is riding under the Bear Naked/Cannondale team banner, Gordon is not actually a professional mountain biker. He works 40 hours a week at a factory near his home in the Sydney suburbs..." Talk about some inspiration.

Also, notable this: Sue Haywood one her first ever attempt at a 24 hour race. Not too bad for a Short Track National Champ. I'm also curious why formal local kid Cameron Chambers pulled after only fifteen and a half hours. He managed third place even though he didn't race for over 8 of the 24 hours. Figuring out his time if he would have maintained the same pace through the rest of the race, he would have finished nearly 25 laps compared to the 22 it took to win. There's no mention of it on the news site though...