Working at Mashery

Wow, it's been so crazy these last few weeks. I've found it hard to do everything I need to and keep this site up-to-date. I've got a few minutes downtime right now while I wait for my Forerunner to get some juice to it before I go for a ride. Rather than do one big post with lots of updates on different topics, I'm going to try to post a few shorter ones this week with updates on the various fronts. This one's about the new job.

The first of October, I started at Mashery (my job change post). Now that I've ben there a touch over three weeks, I can say it's been great. I'm really loving the corporate atmosphere and the group of people I'm working with all are top notch. One thing this job has allowed me to focus more time on Solar.

Solar is Paul M. Jones' framework for PHP5. All in all it's a really good framework. I've contributed some ideas on the mailing list and am starting to buildup code that I'm contributing in my svn repo. I've got a new site that I'm building up using it - I'll post more here once I've got something to show.

Ok, time to go - got some juice in my GPS so I'm off.