Delicious API wrapper v0.3 for Solar released

The last few days have given me an opportunity to work on creating a wrapper to the API for the Solar framework. In my new job, there's a possibility that I'll be writing a few wrappers for various web services, so I figured I could use this little breather I've had to get some experience doing that.

So far, I haven't written anything of use for this, but I'm thinking I'm going to extend the Solar Bookmarks sample application to include saving all bookmarks to your internal bookmarks and, plus I want to implement the ability to go to and grab a copy of new items that were tagged for you by members of your network. If you're interested in Solar, or web services, etc., check out the code and let me know what you think. It does require pecl_http to handle it's HTTP requests, though I may refactor that out in a later release.