Back online

Ugh... my body's tired. Shoulders hurt, legs hurt, back is numb, hands are raw. I hate moving... Especially marathon moving. Picked up the truck at 8:00 AM, finished unloading it at 7:00 PM. In between, driving, packing, driving, unpacking.

Today... Qwest support nightmare. The long and short of it: Qwest with MSN is too damn behind the curve for Linux. Firefox does IPv6 lookups by default. MSN's DNS servers choke on IPv6. I guess Uncle Bill hasn't determined if he can take over IPv6 or not. Two hours on the phone with support didn't help, but "qwest linux firefox" in Google returned results in less than a second.

But I'm here! Still have to make a trip back to the valley tomorrow or Tuesday to get the apartment cleaned and turn the keys back in but everything's in Flag now. Last night when I went out to Beaver Street for some brews and food, I could see the Milky Way just by looking up. I love it!