Three hundred thousand foot man

Last year I managed to barely squeak past 100, 000 vertical feet. Actually, the numbers were pretty small but I was pleased consider there were whole months that I hardly rode at all. Well, I finally got the numbers tallied for 2006, so without any further adieu.

Total RidesTime (hoursMilesFeet Climbed
Mountain Bike70153.361299.5173978.7
Road Bike Rides8895.461531.82138789

I averaged 3.04 rides per week, spending 4.79 hours per week on the bike, and averaged 54.45 miles per week. Compared to last year, I trippled my hours in the saddle, more than doubled my miles. I'd have to dig out my data from last year, but I don't think I even broke 100 rides last year, so I know I got in more there.

I need to work on early season burnout. I raced way too much in the early season this past year. By August I was ready to quit looking at my bike. Definitely on my "needs work" list for 2007.

Anyhow, I've got some major climbing right out my back door now, though, so I'm thinking my first half million foot year might just been 2007 :-) Keep an eye on my MB site for the data.