Calling all mountain bike geeks

One of my favorite sites online is Wikipedia. A repository of knowledge that's completely transparent, living, and breathing - free for all to use and contribute to; it appeals to the communal in me.

The other day I decided to see what Wikipedia had on Mountain biking, and particularly, racing. As you can see, not much. They do have 65 mountain bikers listed, but a large portion of those articles are incomplete or missing current information. Sue Haywood didn't have her win at the 24 Hour Worlds listed until I added it the other day. Travis Brown doesn't have anything listed for results listed for 2006, even though he won two marathons that I witnessed and managed a 3rd place in one while racing a single speed in the open/pro category. That's just two that are missing results, not to mention the handful of other one's that I've come across.

So I'm making it a goal to go to the site whenever I have a chance and fix up some results, add info, basically try to adopt mountain biking on Wikipedia. If you've got some spare time and have the slightest idea what a wiki is I could use some help... :-)