My birthday present to the world: Pipes is born

Well, at least the geeky part of it... I just finished tagging a release for Pipes, a new PHP framework I've been playing with in my spare time for the last month or two. This is the first release of what I hope will be many.

Cool features worth mentioning:

  • Automatic code generation
  • Full database reflection so there's no configuring objects to work the database, they just do
  • Built-in tagging

I'm sure there's more worth mentioning, but I've spent the last two days trying to keep from getting a cold so my mind's not fully here. Something about the 6th of January. Last year I had the same problem... Of course then, it was because I'd been on a bike putting in serious miles every day of the year. This year, I'm not sure what's up.

Anyhow, if you're a rich open-source software benefactor that would like fund a great new project, leave me a comment. :-)