The benefits of being unemployed

Humphrey's Peak going up the SnowbowlViews like that can be the norm on a Monday afternoon. :-)

After this past week, I'm no longer at Mashery. I worked with some great and unbelievably talented people there, but it was time to move on. I don't have anything particular lined up just yet, but I've got a few things in the works. If you know of anyone needing a crack PHP guy, leave me a comment.

Right now, I would love to find a company (or just person if someone's got the money and a love of open source) that's interested in seeing how far a rapid application development framework like Pipes can be pushed in the PHP community. This past weekend I got v0.1 of it out and I'm really pushing to get v0.2 out soon as that'll have most of the major pieces I need in my development work: code generation, AJAX, relationship handling, and some basic user authentication.

Another thing that's been floating around in the back of my head is a web-based cycling training tool. There's several really good tools that are all PC based, and then there's tools like MotionBased that are great for casual tracking and some bling, but nothing that's a powerful training tool. There's some great opportunities there as training in its most basic form is pretty straight forward: apply these rules for managing how you're going to ride today based on what your goals and timelines are for the rest of the season. It seems like that knowledge could distilled with some very basic algorithms to provide rudimentary instructions to people who want to "train", but don't want to have a super rigid schedule. It could also be taken to the next level with some of the power stuff that Dave's been working on to give you a "do this today for this long and this hard" kind of instructions for those wanting something more complex.

Anyhow... That's where I'm at. My legs are completely dead now though. Monday's ride was preceded by a morning at the gyms doing leg weights. Yeah, real smart, eh? 45 minutes of some pretty intense leg weights followed by two and a half hours that was practically straight up for the first hour and a half.