Better Plumbing... Pipes v0.2 is out

Two weeks and two releases. I'm on a roll. :-)

I just released Pipes v0.2 which is available from the Pipes project page on Google Code. Notable new features:

  • AJAX! - and no Francios, I'm not renaming Pipes now... ;-)
  • Integration with Mootools to provide the AJAX and some basic effects
  • You can browse by tags which brings tag support up a notch
  • New model finders: these allow you to encapsulate finding logic into objects that can then be used by all model mappers
  • The default HTML page is now based on the CSS Framework
  • Did I mention AJAX support?

Yesterday I put together a new site for Pipes. It shows some of the eye candy (hint: hover your mouse over words that have dots under them) and the new logo/slogan. I owe a big thanks to my sister for keeping me from using some marketing-y slogan and keeping it simple and funny. Pipes - Better Plumbing.

A big thanks also to a former colleague and buddy who's been critiquing ideas since Pipes was just a thought in my head Josh Eichorn. He's helped out big time with this release by allowing me to play 20 questions on AJAX and JavaScript while I figured out exactly what I needed/wanted to do to get AJAX into Pipes.

Now that Pipes is in a pretty much usable state (even though it lacks the kind of documentation I want for it), I've got a few pet projects I'm going to work on and see how they turn out. You'll see links here if anything comes of them.