Quick update...

Still have a few things to finish up tonight before I hit the hay early. The plan for tomorrow is to be on the road by 5. I decided on the marathon. This early in the season 4 hours at a steady just below XC race pace is better than less than 2 hours at a full on race pace. That, and the marathon course at this race is just going to be a 29'er dream. It's flowy, no sustained climbs, no sustained descents, just ripping fast single track.

I have no clue what the field's going to be like tomorrow. If last fall's series is any indication, it'll be tiny. They had a couple of races last year with two guys in 'em. If it's that small, definitely makes tactics interesting. Do you let someone ride off with the intent of reeling 'em in, or set a ripper pace at the start to try and dishearten 'em? Since this will only be my second time on a mountain bike this year, I'm planning on racing my race.

Yesterday I hit the road for some mountain bike time prior to the race. It was beautiful up here - mid 40s, not a cloud in the sky - but damp with the snow melting. I decided yesterday was as good of a time as any to hit the red rock in Sedona since I've been in Arizona for over a year now and still haven't ridden there.

Templton Trail in Sedona, AZ

Man, it's hard having trails like that less than an hour away you can ride on in January with shorts and a short-sleeved shirt. Brutal, I tell ya... ;-)