On the job front

Lots of people have been asking about the job front and I'm happy to report that this past week I joined on as the lead developer at a locale design/development company, Northland Advertising. It will be a fun opportunity to shape their code as they start to move toward becoming a development company focusing on tools that help set their clients apart from their competition. I was pleasantly surprised to find a company in Flag that was looking for a top shelf developer. Turns out I'm not the only professional in the world that wants to make a living in the mountains here in Flagstaff.

On the "wish it was my job front", I still haven't seen the full results for last week's marathon, but I do have my final number from last week's marathon. 19th! Ouch. Looks like there were a lot more to that field than I realized. Oh well, it's still January. I have plenty of time to get fast. :-)