Why start Yet Another Framework?

There's been tons of (sometimes) heated debate over starting frameworks in PHP. Apparently, Planet PHP picked up my post from nearly 6 weeks ago announcing Pipes and posted it as a new announcement.

Anyhow, the general concensus has been "why start something? why not just help out?" Well, my answer can pretty much be summed in Valerio's response to my Mootools patch from last week.

tswicegood: very nice experiment.

Any thoughts, ideas? Valerio, is this something you see a reasonable to include in Mootools?

No, unfortunately not, I have no intention of doing something like it.

So I'm left with the option of "pick[ing] another framework", forking Mootools, or starting yet another javascript framework. Personally, I have no interest in starting a javascript framework. Too much work and it's not an area that I have a tremendous amount of expertise in.

I am actively considering forking Mootools, though. I personally really enjoy it. It's a good, lightweight framework that jives with my development style. The only thing I want is a namespaced version of it, which I have developed and offered as a patch and had summarily rejected. If I fork it, it'll just be keeping up with releases with all of the goodies included. I figure that's got to be useful to anyone else who wants their Mootools code to be testable with Selenium, so...