Domain51_Testing_Selenium package released

If you know me as a programmer, you know I love tests. Just in the last 4 months or so I started using Selenium to test web applications. It's great, and with the IDE, creating simple tests is a snap. It doesn't take long before a simple test turns into something more complex. You might need to setup or teardown some of the test elements so you know what to expect.

In steps the something like SimpleTest. There's been a Testing_Selenium as part of PEAR for awhile now, but it implements an API that doesn't match up with Selenium-IDE. In an effort to make the PHP interface with Selenium look the same as the IDE interface, I've release a new Domain51_Testing_Selenium. It borrows heavily from the original TS package, but simplifies the code.

Without docs, I have a sub 100 line piece of code that provides the full Selenium-IDE API, considering the PEAR TS package is over 2500 lines (most of which are just docs, but it's still huge), I'm pretty happy.

Few things to note:

  1. No docs yet - only for the fearless :-)
  2. This version only supports cURL connections
  3. The instantiation (minus driver), and starting and stopping of tests work exactly like Testing_Selenium
  4. It's LGPL - Do whatever you want with it, but if you redistribute it, you have to do it freely - as in speech, not beer.

That last link is a good read if you want to get started on the "Commie-social-commune-treehugging-softare can change the world-did somebody say beer" bandwagon. :-)

In case it's not self-evident (to my programming readers anyhow) how to use this, I put together a quick test case using Google. You can download the PEAR installable package here.