This ride's for you...

If you haven't noticed (or read these posts in a feed reader), I've added a moblog. It's just pictures taken and posted from my camera phone. I posted a few from this afternoon's ride.

Today was beautiful. A high of 60~, those big fluffy clouds in the sky, a tolerable wind, and mountains in view. Today was only the second time I've been on a mountain bike up here this year, and it was a spiritual experience. Like all good societies, it's hard to explain what the spiritual part of mountain biking is like to the uninitiated.

Coming back from my explorations of the AZ Trail, I hit FR 303 and was just cruising along. I got into this meditative state that was just pure bliss. Flow is what I've heard it called; the zone, effortless motion, they all describe it. As I cranked out the trip home, I got to thinking about all of the people in my life that have made me the person I am today and gave me what was necessary to make the choices to be here, on a national park's forest road, amongst the pines, sun shining down as I hit that state of nirvanic exhaustion and it crossed my consciousness that I haven't thanked them all.

So thanks. To each and every one of you who've made me who I am - and you know who you are - thanks. This ride's for you. :-)