Microsoft Technology Summit 2007 - MTS07 - here I come...

Well, looks like all I needed to do was threaten myself with staying home from MTS07 and I'd get better. My allergies are still horrible, but I'm not sick like I was the other day.

All that's left to do on m todo list for today is to get my bags packed and hit the airport tomorrow. One of the guys from Microsoft that's flying in for the summit is landing 15 minutes before me and is renting a car so I managed to hitch a ride from the airport. Looking at the resumes of the folks who are attending, I almost feel a bit out of place. There's a lot of people with more years in the tech industry than I've been alive!

I'm curious to see what's up at the campus. If you have any questions you'd like to hear an answer to from Microsoft, just leave a comment and I'll ask away if I get the ear of the right person. Personally, I'm interested in finding out how much longer MS plans on developing a custom engine for Internet Explorer before dropping it in favor of Gecko so they can leverage the power of open source in their browser and finally get standards compliant and secure.

Anyhow, I'll be blogging anything interesting from the conference and I'm sure there'll be plenty of moblog pictures.