MTS07 - Discussion on XAML/WF/WCF

Don Box and Chris Anderson. Don used to be a specialist in HST - Hooking Shit Together. They started off just asking for questions from the attendees on "how [Microsoft] sucks?" and they'd answer 'em.

Best quote: IE7... Civil Rights... It's all the same...

From the gallery about IE7 - we avoid that which Department of Homeland Security recommends against. Don's response... "yeah... like civil liberties."

We got an apology from Box for all of the statements that Ballmer makes that scares people. :-)

XAML is for writing shit down - WSD.

"The best thing that happened to Microsoft this decade was Google." from Don. "Microsoft works best when it has a big, scary competitor."

Talking about MS not being cool and people not wanting to go to work for them now. Chris said he thinks MS needs a better apprenticeship program. Ironic that he mentioned that based on my recent thoughts on how there needs to be more craft-style apprenticeships in the dev industry in general to teach the parts of programming that don't come from books.