MTS07 - WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation)

Celso Gomes - celso.gomes@

He's covering WPF and WPF/E. He's running the first non-Vista laptop. Very important for you guys to know that :-)

He's using MS Expression Blend to build the WPF's. It currently works for desktop apps. It's a visual IDE much like Flash. Has some neat features, but then I haven't kept up with this type of "development" as I don't do it.

One of the cool features is being able to search through a toolbar and filter the tools that are shown so you don't have to search through everything if you don't know where it's at.

This type of environment in JS would be useful for doing Canvas animation and such in FF.

He just demoed a cool photo book that had really good virtual photo book. Also, the Blend environment will allow you to resize the entire environment which is very cool. Ben has some cool photos on his recap.

WPF/E brings the WPF environment onto the web. Things like vector drawing, 3d animations, etc., are possible. 3d isn't native in WPF/E, but it is possible. Had some tubes floating, a rubix cube, etc. Also had the photo book online.

The code that makes it work online is working in IE, FF, and Safari.