MTS07 - Xbox Extensibility

Jason Mauer jmauer@

XNA - the marketing term for "Next generation game development platform for PC and XBox 360". The "running joke is XNA is Not an Acronym".

He's going through a history of gaming langauges starting with the ASM guys back in the day saying that C++ required too much memory to work and then the C++ guys saying .NET wouldn't work. Could you imagine what would happen if they went back to ASM with modern hardware? It's be freaky kind of fast!

Just miscellaneous stuff - I'm tired, but I finally got rid of the headache around noon after I scored a few Advil from Tanya. They're giving all of us a year's subscription to MSDN to have access to their programs.

He's going through some XBox Live stuff. They have downloadable games, things like that. Sort of like a console version of what you've been able to do with your phone for half a decade.

XNA is going to be available as a subscription service. $99/year gets you the license you need to create games. The "Creator's Club" is required to develop and use the XNA games.

The Xbox .NET framework is based off of the mobile device framework.

"That has never happened... " :-)