Blogger's code of conduct?

Well, this is an interesting idea (blogged about by Tim O'Reilly. My favorite quote is in the final item of the code, We ignore the trolls:

Never wrestle with a pig. You both get dirty, but the pig likes it.

On to something more on topic - went to Gallup yesterday to pre-ride the course with Matt and Yens. Did two laps and they were around what I expected - sub 1:30 just putzing around. This year though, they've got a nasty surprise in store for everyone. They've reversed the course. Remember those two crazy descents from last year toward the end of the lap? The one that was steep and the one off of the rock face. Yeah, we're climbing those puppies. My guess is that there'll be a lot of pushing once you get past hour 6 or 7. I feel for the crazy people who think SS is a good idea for this course. :-)