I won... and some other updates

Thanks for everyone who voted for me in the Komodo contests. I managed to pull off the win in the extension category and third place in the toolbox category for a grand total of $600 worth of Amazon gift cards and a license for Komodo IDE which costs $295. Not bad for a couple of afternoons worth of playing around with it.

In other news, I'm now at nearly a week with no meat. I'm doing the veggie thing for awhile. I've done it before for a little over a month, so it's nothing new. The big difference is that this time I actually like green leafy vegetables, so it'll probably be a bit easier to come up with things to eat. I made some burritos last week with soy meat crumbles and had I made them and feed them to you, I seriously doubt you could have told the difference. That just re-enforced my thought that the majority of meat in my diet is just there for texture - the flavors are coming from other sources.

Riding has been lax lately. I planned on getting some riding in this weekend, but other events and the weather conspired against me. Both days were a little on the chilly side with a light misty rain a good part of the day. Next weekend I'm planning on hitting the mountain Saturday. Some of the Phoenix crowd is coming up to do a few days of camping and riding. I've only been over to the mountain a few times this year, so I'm looking forward to some elevation therapy. I'm thinking that coming down the Catwalk, through the Hobbit Forest, and down Little Bear are musts. I might have to repent of my lack of riding by heading up to the Eldon Lookout via the road too. Its sounding like fun... :-) The last time I spent a few day playing around on the mountain I ended up with something like 5k of climbing (and descending) with only 20 miles of riding.