You can always tell...

... the guy who's going to shank the golf ball. He's the guy that takes thirty seconds from the time he steps up to the tee to the time he actually hits it. From my bedroom window, I've got a straight shot of the tee box and can watch these guys get ready. Without a doubt, if he (or she) sets himself more than once, lifts the golf club head off of the ground and settles it more than once, and/or looks up at the fairway more than once, they're gonna do something wrong.

Ready, aim, fire. If you have to calm your mind with that much of a routine, you probably shouldn't be playing golf anyhow. Try something that's less of a mental game, like rock paper, scissors. :-)

As promised, a bike related post (well, except for the intro). I've been out three times this week old-school. I picked up a Monocog 29er. Full steel, fully rigid (and yes, my engineering friends, I know it's not fully rigid since it has those 29" shock absorbers), singlespeed, and tons of fun. Literally, tons... it's something like 24 pounds. The only qualm I have with it is the gearing. It's got a 20 in the back which is killing me out at places like Campbell Mesa where it's flat. I think my max speed flat out is something like 15 - 16 mph at close to 120 rpm!

Anyhow, it's great fun. Kinda different to just hop on and go. I didn't make it a hundred feet on the first ride before my left thumb instinctively went down to shift into the next gear. This weekend will hopefully see some singlespeed action, I'm heading out toward Mormon Lake to get some camping in. I haven't been out to this particular campground, but I'm sure there's something around there to bike on.