The perfect PHP editor?

I've been playing around with Eclipse PDT a bit the last few days. This summer I've been using Komodo IDE, but recently I've been wanting something open-source with a bit more native feel in Mac OS X. As PDT gets closer to its 1.0 release, I thought revisiting it would be good.

The last time I tried it back in July, it didn't even work. Seriously, the all-in-one package was so botched it couldn't even recognize php files. I figured I would give it a little while and come back to it. The draw of using an open source editor is really strong for me; all of my personal code is open source, so why shouldn't I be creating it with a tool that shares those values? I like Komodo, I don't think I would have shelled out $300 for it. I managed to get a free copy for a quick and dirty MySQL extension I put together for it this past spring.

So, I downloaded Eclipse and gave it a go again. As my last post said, I still had trouble with it. I played with it a bit this morning, but the feel of it just isn't quite right. Maybe I've spent too much time in a Mozilla land?

Anyhow, I guess I'll be sticking with Komodo IDE for now, if for no other reason that PDT isn't compelling enough to switch (yet). Maybe if they get all of the kinks worked out so it "just works", but until then. Of course, if ActiveState were to release Komodo IDE (or at least add debugging and Subversion to Komodo Edit) under an open source license of some flavor or another, well then it's a different story all together.