Adios Flagstaff, Hola Lawrence

This past six weeks or so has been a whirlwind. Seriously, crazy. It started back the end of July with the property management company at the condo I was renting botching a notice about Remus. They sent the wrong "notice" to let us know we needed to get rid of Remus or get out of the condo. No problem, I'm sure it's just the form letter and we can work it out. Then the guy that handled the property starts not returning calls. Ok, so I'm out of here. Flag isn't the easiest place to find a place to rent, especially in August right before NAU starts up, so my options are pretty much set for me. Meg and I had been talking about heading back to the Midwest this fall to get closer to family so we just accelerated that, at an uncomfortably fast pace.

We spent the past six weeks bunking with family trying to find the right place, and two weekend's ago we happened upon the practically perfect digs on an afternoon outing to Lawrence, Kansas. So, now it looks like I am in Kansas (sorry, couldn't resist).