New release: PHPT

After a few months of one or two nights a week spent hacking away and a couple of marathon sessions, I've finished work on the first usable release of PHPT, what I hope to become the successor to PEAR_RunTest in PEAR2. Since this is usable and PEAR2 is still being worked out, I've decided to release this as a standalone package for the time being with the intent of bundling it with Pyrus or including it directly in PEAR2 when PEAR2 is realized.

This provides the majority of the functionality provided by PEAR's pear run-tests command via its own phpt command and it can even provide pear style output:

$ phpt -rq --reporter Pear /path/to/tests

Functions like:

$ pear -rq /path/to/tests

Of course, if you leave "-- reporter Pear" out you'll get the PHPT output which provides a cross between PHPUnit and SimpleTest output. I'll be surprised if this works on Windows (yet). PEAR_RunTest punts on Windows by pushing everything through output buffering. I may yet do that, but I want to explore other options first.

I'll post more as I get a chance. In the meantime, I've started a pocket guide in the vain of PHPUnit's excellent reference. Right now it's written in Markdown format so it's accessible without anything but a text viewer.

To install PHPT:

$ pear channel-discover
$ pear install phpt/PHPT_Core-alpha

Package page is at:
Please post any issues at:

Update forgot to add the dev mailing list URL: