Being drunk for a week...

This week has been about as far from productive as it could possibly be. I've felt like I'm drunk for the past three days. Its getting better, but I'm not patient with this kind of thing. I pick at the scab just to get rid of it. It scars. So what? It's gone now and I can move on.

Having a doctor tell me "[dizziness and a stiff neck] are perfectly normal [after a concussion] and will go away on their own" isn't exactly what I was looking for. I wanted a do A, B, and C and it will be fixed in a few hours. It's kind of ironic considering I'm one of the first to remind people to take it easy and make sure everything heals after a serious bike accident or surgery.

Throw into the mix my (borderline irrational?) fear of brain injury and I feel like I need to go for a run or a ride or jump in the boxing ring for awhile just to relieve the stress. Except I wouldn't last 30 seconds at any one of those right now. I've been relatively ok today, but I got up a few minutes ago to go refill my glass of water and the room was suddenly on wheels.

Yesterday, Meg drug me along for some last minute Christmas shopping. It wasn't that she needed my opinion on anything, it was that she wanted her personal Magellen to get her where she needed to go. By the time we started back from Topeka, I couldn't hardly keep my eyes open. Fatigue set in and I was out like a light before the city limits sign. Earlier today, I feel asleep while doing some writing. I'm sure its my body's way of handling the jet lag from last week coupled with concussion from Sunday night coupled with my trying to push through it all, but geez... I've got things to do, tasks to mark as completed. Know all of this, why, then, body are you revolting against me?