When it rains, it eff'ing pours

So getting a concussion wasn't enough. No, then I had to get vertigo and light-headedness that meant I could basically do nothing that required more than 5 minutes of thought. Then I got better. Then I got food poisoning...

Holy shit! Give me a break. And more than an hour and a half of sleep!

end rant...

I've been up since 3. I laid in bed for 30 minutes before finally just getting up. Things started to get better. The trips to the bathroom every 15 minutes extended out to every 30 minutes. This whole time I've felt like if I "could just throw up" I'd feel better. 20 minutes ago I finally did and I don't really feel that much better. And now I've got that great vomit in the sinuses thing going on so every breath I take has that wonder "makes ya want to puke" smell.

Seriously... this is getting old.