Lawrence Programmers Wrap-Up

Wow, is it already next week? I meant to post this the next day, but one thing lead to another and another and - well, now it's the next week.

We ended up moving the time around a bit and met at 7 at the?Eldridge Hotel?to catch none other than the (in)famous?Greg Beaver?and the?Chiara String Quartet. ?After forty-five minutes of chamber music, we hit Rudy's Pizzeria for a few beer and shop talk. ?In total, we ended up with 7 people, which was approximately 5 more than I thought we'd have when I first announced it... ;-)

There was definitely an interest, so the plan is to try to meet on the 4th Tuesday for a few months and see how it goes. ?The discussion turned to TDD and?PHPT?and since there were a lot of guys who hadn't been exposed to it at all, the?other Travis?volunteered me for an introduction to TDD for?next month's meeting. ?I haven't focused in on the specifics of the presentation yet, but I'm thinking something patterns oriented like how to roll your own MVC framework using TDD instead of the standard "how to verify that 2 + 2 equals 4" style of tests. ?Might be too much for one hour, but I bet I could do it in 90 ;-)

If you're in the area on February 26th, be sure to stop by the?Lawrence Public Library?around 7.