Ken Brill's Mashing SugarCRM Presentation Notes

Ken is one of our open-source hires. He contributed to our forums then came on board.

  • He's a self-styled programming layman
  • What is Web 33 1/3? :-)
  • Some links to web APIs for mashups:
  • and /full-web-20-api-list.
  • Ken is demonstrating Google docs inside of SugarCRM. That's actually an awesome use of it.
  • One of his older hacks was using Y! getting local time based on where the client was.
  • Next up is bringing Google Gadgets to the SugarCRM Dashlets
  • Some of the more useful ones he mentioned are "Hotjobs so you can look for your new job while you screw around on your current one..." "Britney Watch"
  • He's not a fan of Dr. Pepper Cherry Chocolate - "my god that's a horrible mashup"
  • "ModuleBuilder is the best thing that happened to Sugar in my opinion."
  • side note: Ken's St. Louis accent is coming through with his "alls I had to do" :-)
  • note to self: double check any syntax highlighting before giving a presentation. Zend Studio's lime green highlight doesn't come through the screen that well.
  • note to self: Get Ken running APC or Zend Platform ;-)
  • His Google Doc presentation is pretty spiffy. I was hoping for an embedded Google Doc inside SugarCRM, it currently just gives you a list view which is useful by itself, but if it was inside Sugar it would be even cooler.
  • He used the Zend Framework/Google Doc examples to actually interface with Google Docs.
  • Second up was a Google Gadget mashup. It was extremely straight forward, just pull in the <script> value inside a set of {literal} tags in the Smarty template for a dashlet.
  • note to SugarCon guys: The presentation could have been cool as a BYOL presentation and actually created one or two mashups on the fly