Notes from the opening keynote @ SugarCon

John Roberts Keynote

  • 3 guys and a $25 internet server
  • focusing on we versus me
  • sharing ideas are critical
  • Commerializing Knowledge - SugarExchange to create devs to sell their modules
  • 3 to 160 people
  • "Cloud Computing" has been listed on a half dozen slides thus far...

Martin used Google Earth to do a "tour" of how SugarCRM grew. It's not cooperating too well though. IT guy to the rescue. We have a lot of deployments in Brazil. "It's like watching bacteria" in describing how SugarCRM is spreading in Europe. We've got a lot of coverage in Japan and China too, but the mainland in Europe is completely covered.

  • "It's great to do good, but you have to do well as well," from John Roberts describing the financial side of things.
  • "In the beginning it was a rebellion." in talking about open-source CRM.