Notes from Jonathan Schwartz's keynote presentation @ SugarCon

  • parallels between Facebook as a social utility and electricity as a social utility. Interesting idea...
  • "open source serves as the building blocks to the new social utilities"
  • "IT Decision Paths are Changing" - from the CIO who used to make choices at the top, to CTOs and developers who push technology, to consumers who demand certain technologies.
  • Customers don't like "don't worry, just buy everything from us", they want choice
  • The MySQL slide is titled "The Heart of the Web Economy"
  • gets a million downloads a week and has 100 million registered users
  • "if they're using our free solution, they're not using our competitors solutions"
  • Standard Chartered bank started passing out phones to build their banking institution in South Africa. They viewed it as fighting poverty as one of the root causes of it is lack of access to information. Interesting view.
  • The first question was about Microsoft and Yahoo!
  • "I think that could be seen as one company obsessing about their competition."
  • He's focusing on the fact that they don't compete with companies, they serve their customers. Interesting way to look at it.
  • Answering how to stay relavent "We're going to pull the J off of the JVM" and make it the VM platform for other languages as well.