Notes from Paul Greenberg's keynote @ SugarCon

His presentation was good - he's an engaging speaker who's only fault is that he puts too much data on his slides which is just a preference thing with me. I feel like I'm getting distracted when I read it. At any rate, it's kind of weird seeing people in rapture of what he's talking about because I'm part of the generational shift in how things are done. What he's talking about - organic user bases, everything as a social connection, etc., etc. - are just what I do.

He mentioned like it was this amazing thing and it's just natural for me to check it out if I'm looking for a cool shirt. The fact that the designs are user contributed and voted on is a footnote for me, for him that's the ball game. It's definitely interesting to see an "outsiders" perspective on the current state of the markets.

His website is