Maybe I'm just a movie snob? Jumper mini review

Or maybe the movie was that bad. Let's put it this way, 30 minutes in I was already checking the clock on my phone to see how much longer it was going to go on. Seriously, it could have been so good. A supernatural power. A sinister organization that's hell bent on eradicating jumpers. A hero, abandoned at a young age for his own safety (can we say Luke Skywalker?). Oh, and there's the love of his life that he accidentally brought into this by his own stupidity that he now has to risk everything to save...

They set the movie up great at the start (minus the whole you're too stupid to put two and two together, so we'll do a voice over), but then it just got random. The mother's disappeared, but they made sure to show you her picture before the teenage David takes off. Note to self: Mom's coming back up... Sure enough, here she is, and she's working for the bad guy but she gives him a head start. So it's the classic redemption story. I'm starting to hear a labored breathing... Is that haunts of Darth Vader as she redeems herself by making the ultimate sacrifice to save her son that she abandoned all those years ago? Nope, just put in there as a ploy to setup the squeal at the end of the movie and as a convenient escape-enabler in the middle. And what's the deal with the half-sister? Is she a jumper and she just doesn't know it?

The special effects were cool. The fight scene in the Colosseum had tinges of Neo on the roof top in the Matrix. A few tweaks to the story line and it was an awesome movie. Seriously, just tweaks. They had all of the elements for the classic hero story. I guess the writers forgot the whole story part.

This is the first movie I've seen in a long time that I seriously felt like I wasted my money on. And that's saying a lot since the tickets were free. Reading through the first chapter of the book, it looks like its a different story. Not surprising, but ashamed Hollywood screws up another good story.