SugarCRM wants you, Mr. DBA Man

If you eat and breathe INNER JOINs and sub-selects, think that UNIONs shouldn't be busted, and like to shard databases on the weekend for fun followed by late nights of drinking, SugarCRM's got a place for you. Ok, so we're not looking for all of that. The drinking part is optional. ;-)

Seriously, we're looking for a top notch MySQL DBA to add to the ranks. Someone with experience in PHP too is great, but the database experience and a willingness to learn the other parts of the job are even more important.

If this fits you, shoot me an email at tswicegood [at] sugarcrm [dot] com with your resume or a great cover letter if you're so good you don't need a resume. Even if this doesn't fit you, we're looking for lots of positions. From VP's in Sales to Engineers and everything in between. If you're looking for work and want to work for one of the coolest big small companies in PHP-land, just let me know.

Oh, and given Cal's recent comments on telecommuting I should touch on that here. If you do your job, you can do it from a sailboat (as one of the guys in Professional Services often does) for all we care. Translated: we're telecommute-friendly.