What did you do today?

Either I'm making up for time I spent slacking, or I just took 4 years off of my life today. Today I managed to:

  • Have my git book from Pragmatic Bookshelf announced: Pragmatic Version Control Using Git - It'll be on a shelf near you this fall and in PDF form before then.
  • I filed my taxes (not completely today - I'd already done then, just hadn't submitted them yet)
  • Proved conclusively that an installation stack wasn't stable for production (which is always fun when it's a random failure and you're having to play by the Law of Large Numbers)
  • Proved conclusively that another stack was stable
  • Should be able to prove or disprove a third stack configuration by the end of the night
  • Got PHPT setup for inclusion into PHP as a replacement for the run-tests.php code which means it'll be distributed as part of the core PHP product
  • Got PHPT onto the Google Summer of Code project list for the upcoming summer (as part of it becoming part of php-src)
  • Fleshed out a killer business idea with a buddy of mine
  • Wrote what I think was a pretty good article on relational databases
  • Spent an hour at the gym this morning doing a lower-body workout

And it's just now 5. ;-)