My iPhone 3G Story

As most of you who follow me on Twitter know, I've been trying to get an iPhone. Not so hard that I've been camping out, but I've made a couple of unsuccessful trips to the Apple stores in the KC area. Yesterday - my first full day in Cali - I managed to snag a white 16G and also managed to be one of the few people who's purchased an iPhone without waiting in line.

Around 7 last night me and a few of my new coworkers headed over to the Apple store that's a few blocks away. I asked about getting a white iPhone and was told they were out for the day. I got the low down on the process for getting one. They passed out tickets based on how many phones they had in stock starting at 8 AM.

Once I knew the rules of the game, seemed simple enough to get one. I'd just walk over one morning this week, spend 20 or 30 minutes waiting in line, then come in to the office. We wondered around the store for a few minutes looking for a headset that the $200 cost scared her away from and then the girl from the front rushes up to me.

"Which iPhone did you want again?"

"The white one..."

"Ok, hold on."

She heads back up to the front, starts talking to one of the other "geniuses", then starts walking to the back. "Today's your lucky day," she said as she walked past. About 15 minutes later I was making my first call on my shiny new iPhone. :-)