Today is the day!

No, no, no. This isn't yet another post on the long overdue death of PHP4, nor does it have anything to do with Olympics (which I'm boycotting), nor does it have to do with today being three of the lazy infinity symbols side-by-side.

Today happens to be the day I'm getting married to Megan. Should have already happened by the time this post becomes public. Meg and I have been together for almost two years now. Neither of us believe a piece of paper is the ultimate declaration of our love; we've been in a committed relationship with the intent of sticking together for quite some time now.

But... every now and then it's nice to have those little things. The introductions as "my husband" or "my wife", the ring, the tattoo (a story for another post). So, today we're making a public declaration of our love for each other and our plans to see where this journey takes us. Wish us luck... we'll need it! :-)