Lessig on McCain on Tech: A must watch

Imagine having a phone service that only called other members. Like Verizon's IN network, except you can't get out of the network. That's what some of the companies that provide the bandwidth behind the Internet would like to see the Internet become. A place where they control who sees what.

Want to go to Yahoo? That's only $5 a month. Google? Well, that's $25 a month. Oh, what's that? You want to go to the sites you find on Google? Well, that's an extra $75. Oh, and here's our email client for you to check your email. No, you can't use your own client...

That's the kind of sales pitch you could get when signing up for Internet service in the future if "net-neutrality" is not defended. It's an Internet that resembles AOL in the early 90s. John McCain doesn't believe in net-neutrality:

When Regulation Is Warranted, John McCain Acts. John McCain does not believe in prescriptive regulation like «net-neutrality»...

That's taken directly from his Technology Policies. Feel free to verify for yourself.

I could go on, but Lawrence Lessig (who's site happens to be down right now) did an excellent video reviewing McCain's technology platform, so I'll let him do the speaking.