Ning Jobs: We're hiring!

For those of you who follow me on Twitter, you know I've recently gone to work for Ning. Been living under a rock and don't know what Ning is? It's a platform that lets you build your own social network. Best of all, if ya don't like the way something is implemented, you can get access to the source and change it around yourself.

The team of people working on Ning is amazing. The number of new people since I stated a few weeks ago is crazy. We're growing by leaps in bounds, but there a few positions that are close to my heart... if only because it helps spread the load of work that I'm responsible for! :-)

The team I'm on, Application Development (AppDev), needs more of us. We're responsible for building the PHP and Javascript that the user interacts with when they're on the network. When you create your own social network, you're on the code we write. The same code that you can get access to if you want. PHP and Javascript a great, but raw programming talent and a willingness to learn the languages are even more important.

We're also in need of a top notch Flash dev or two to join our team as well. There are a few of us who can muddle our way through Flash apps and make things work, but having someone who really groks it would be a huge bonus.

If you're a top notch PHP or Flash guy and are interested in working on something big and exciting, Ning's got a place for you. Telecommuting is definitely an option - I think about half of our AppDev team is remote now stretching from London to Melborne to Canada to NYC and (now!) Kansas. Shoot me an email with your resume if you're interested. Seeing as how my name is travis and the domain name is, an enterprising person should be able to figure it out: ;-)

Update: I've closed the comments on this post. We're only looking for people with very specific programming skills, so even though this shows up high on Google search results, it's not a general purpose job listing. Might I suggest checking out Monster or HotJobs.