The ol' bait and switch: Twister Group is a fraud

Seems like every time I decide to give Google's Shopping a try I end up getting screwed. Had some issues with some luggage I ordered back at the beginning of the year, and this past week in some replacement filters I ordered for my earbuds.

The filters cost around $20 on Amazon. A quick search of Google turned up this listing which still shows them as available. $9.12 is a deal, but they charge nearly $20 in shipping. I checked ordering multiple sets to see if that changed the shipping. It didn't, so I went ahead and ordered three sets so I'd have plenty of spares around.

This morning I got an email, after my order had been shipped, telling me that they were only sending one set of filters.

Dear Travis Swicegood,

We are sorry to inform you that we only had 1 of ER6-I-50 D38231 (ETYMOTIC RESEARCH ER6-I-50 REPLACEMENT FILTERS) which was shipped by FedEx: tracking # 753365065348. We refunded $19.52.

We apologize for inconvenience and thank you for your business.

The Twister Group

Umm... nope. That's a bait and switch. You did the math and realized you just screwed yourself because you didn't adjust your shipping to cover the under wholesale cost. I replied much the same.


I made this purchase under the assumption that the large shipping fee was going to be offset by the ability to purchase multiple sets. Canceling a portion of the order after it already shipped and been paid for is a bait and switch.

I would like to either receive the addition two packages of filters or a refund of 2/3rd of the shipping fee.

Thanks for your help in resolving this!

I got a quick response from them. It barely qualifies as coherent and ends by calling any attempt from me to recover the fees that they just cheated me out of.

If you required us to either ship your order in full or not at all, you must have indicated so in the notes or by replying to order confirmation message. Since you failed to do so, our policy governs this order and the shipping charge stands.

As a matter of fact, it costs more than 1/3 of the rate to ship 1/3 of the weight. For instance, FedEx ground rate to deliver 3 lb package is about $8.50, while shipping 1lb package is…You expect 1/3 which is about $3… $8.50. Only $0.50 additional for 3 times as heavier parcel.

Our Terms and Conditions (which you explicitly accepted by placing this order) clearly state:
The Twister Group reserves the right to supply less than the quantity of any item ordered.
If you are accusing us in committing “bait and switch” by INTENTIONALLY misrepresenting the product, first accepting the policy and then denying such acceptance may be constituted as fraud.

The Twister Group

Needless to say, don't do business with this guys. None of the receipts I (including the one I printed from their site) state anything about changing the order after the fact. In fact, it explicitly states "Group my items into as few shipments as possible" on the order confirmation page from their website that I printed to a PDF.