Git Book is Finshed!

It's been kind of quiet around here. It's not that I haven't had much to say, it's that I haven't had the time to say it! For those of you who follow my various microblogs probably even noticed a dip in updates over the last few weeks. Every last ounce of energy has been put into the final push for the book and I had to cut back on the distractions to make it through.

Now that it's over, I get to pay attention to some majorly neglected areas. First and foremost is my bike. We're in the middle of a great fall here and I haven't gotten much riding in at all. Note to self: write books in the winter, not the summer.

Next up is PHPT. I've got a few people interested in helping out with it. I'm still working toward 100% drop-in replacement for PHP's run-tests.php. There's still a bit to go, but it's getting close. I've got a little over a month to get it really rocking, though. My Testing the PHP Way: PHPT tutorial was accepted to php|works, so the test suite had better be up to par before then. :-)

I'm also giving my The Future is Not Yet Widely Distributed talk in the agnostic track—tracks that aren't PHP or Python specific. The talk is an hour long introduction to Git. Now that I've written the book on Git, I'd better be able to talk about it for at least an hour. :-D

I am planning on having both talks available as screencasts/video talks too for anyone who can't make it to the conference.

Anyhow, that's the quick update. Now that I'm not spending all of my free time writing, I can get back to writing some more here for fun. Look for some posts on programming soon. I'm going to be learning more about OpenSocial now that we're supporting it in a big way @ Ning.