2008: A retrospective

One year gone. As I'm sure most of these types of posts say, this year's been crazy. I got married to my best friend, took a job at a great start-up, wrote a book, and bought a house! Talk about a banner year.

I discovered a lot about myself. One, writing on my blog isn't as much fun when writing becomes work. I thought I would blog a lot more about the book writing experience, but after putting in an 8 (or 12) hour day at my day job and spending 2 - 4 hours writing after that, writing here wasn't the release it once was.

The book's over though, so now I've got no good excuse. My OmniFocus is full of ideas for blog posts. This next year, I'm going to get some of those down on "paper" to share. Of course, those posts are in addition to the copious amount of posts I make on Twitter.

Back in January, the other Travis and I started up Lawrence Programmers. It's a language agnostic group of geeks. We started with a monthly schedule, but didn't find out groove until the summer. Lawrence Programmers Drinking Nights (LPDN) are a weekly get together to grab food and some beverages and BS about geek stuff. It's been great getting to know the local geeks better.

There's all sorts of other things too. Didn't spend nearly enough time on my bike, but got Meg hooked on hers. Contributed ideas to a lot of software projects and spent some time playing with on my own stuff. Learned Erlang and Python well enough to hack in both. And I'm sure in my drug-induced stupor (God bless cold medicine), I've barely scratched the surface.

I've got a few new things planned for 2009. I'll fill you in on them as they come to fruition. In the meantime, I leave you with this auditory year-in-review from the guys over at A note of warning: it is a little raw in some areas, so its not for those offended by such things as cursing or rick-rolls.

Happy 2009!