Don't just remember, make it better

Twitter has been taken over this morning by #wtc, #sept11, and a host of other related hash tags. Everyone, understandably, wants to share where they were and what they were doing when America's outlook changed forever. Even "God Bless America" has made it onto the trending topics of the day.

We all know the numbers. 3,017 dead, over 6,000 physically injured and many millions more left with scares of a different type, but let's look at some other numbers.

  • 1 injured
  • 1 dead, 1 injured
  • 3 dead, 3 injured
  • 101 dead, 536 injured

That's the numbers from the terrorist attacks around the world in the last 3 weeks.

Terrorism isn't going away easily. We can't "God Bless" ourselves out of it. Instead of just remembering where you were that morning, think about what you've done these past 8 years to help create a world where terrorism isn't a normal part of life. Figure out what you can do to make tomorrow better than today, then do it.