Twitter Timeout

A few weeks ago, I got a lot of responses to the following tweet:


As I write this post, Twitter’s ever-unreliable updates counter is showing that I have 9,999 tweets. It’s time for a Twitter Timeout.

Why? I’ve found myself thinking too quickly, without depth, mostly in the form of 140 characters. I want to get back to my place, my blog.

I’m tired of playing in other people’s backyards, as it were. A large part of my interactions with the world are through Twitter and Facebook, two things I don’t own. My blog, my email. Those are mine. Until the Internet gives way to some bastardization of itself in the name of safety, security, or the God-forsaken “user experience,” it will always be mine to give and not at the control of some private entity.

So, I’m shuttering my Twitter account for a little while. I’m not sure how long, but I won’t be responding to any tweets or reading Twitter for a little while.

My contact information is amazingly public (it’s in the sidebar), so there’s no shortage of ways to get in touch with me. Feel free to.